Saturday, October 20, 2007

The internet can kill yah

TV was a fantastic invention. And then color came, and we all jumped for joy. And then the Saturdyay morning Cartoons came and we had a reason to get up in the morning. And then Al Gore created the internet, and we the world became that muchb etter. Then we discovered peer to eer file transfer, and then they had itnernet tv.We looked at it, and said it was good. We can wacth tv on are own time, in legal, and less then showy ways. And we saw it was good.

But then they started using the internet for evil. The tv stations came along, and posted thier shows on the internet....but osme of these tv shows...really really sucked.

Today, I sat down and checked out a new show that premired just last Thrusday, called Viva Laughlin, a las Vagas musical about osme buy making a casino. ANd, I figured, because David from the Devil's adocate told me to, and because i htought it'd be fun to talk about on the 3 Heroes tv Podcat, I went to and deicded to wacth it. I knew it would be crap...

But nothing ould prepare me for the level of piss this show pissed out.

This show is a musical", but who the crapd ecided to have some crappys ingers sing to a long WITH the orginal soundtrack? It looks less like a musical and more like aoverdrawn Karrikoke party.

Viva Laughlin" is pretty much a karoke musical murder msytory about casino owner In case anyone is itnerested in that crappy mystory, I won't want to spoil it,b ecause it is so unitntaly hysterical, you have to see it to believe it.

Lloyd Owen's Protrayal of Ripley Holdenmakes me doubt if he ever was a good actor (although he fakes a decent accent). But its not Owens fault. I guess Ripley is supossed to be a outstanding hero, a man with a dream, and a optamist. But to tell you thet ruth, I think he is one of the most annoying characters ever created by man. I really hate his character, . I have never seen such a arrogent, and almost stupid character in my life.

I guess I shouldnt' compalin to much. Who acutaly expected this showw to be any good? I was actuay kind of hoping for it to srupirse me, but isntead, thsi is acutaly wrose then what I saw.
I thought it'd be bad, but this surpasses my idea of bad. This is potentaly the worst new show of the season.

And I pray it will be the first show to get cancaled.

Oh well, at least we still have Pushing Daises.

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tallycast said...

When my son was really young, I told him that when I was a kid, the world was black and white and that color wasn't invented until I was 12.